With the continuing evolution of advertising Silva Marketing Corporation was started to provide open, honest, and affordable online marketing solutions for small and medium size businesses. Silva Marketing Corporation was started by a top marketing guru native to Colorado


We saw large media selling products customers didn’t need and that were not effective, we saw them over promising and under delivering, and we saw them overcharge for products that didn’t work. Silva Marketing Corporation is based on doing things right and not hiding behind a contract, we earn our job every month with products that work, pricing that is fair and open, and a team with experience and ideas.

“Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride.”

– Dr. Hunter S. Thompson


But results. This keeps us fully engaged in continuing to deliver for our clients every month. Marketers that want to charge you for meeting with them are still living in the 60s and just don’t understand the needs of business owners today. Our clients time is valuable and we fully respect that and that’s why our clients have never received a bill from us for anything other then products or services that will produce results.

why we’re your best choice

We will fully understand your needs and position in the market and build an online strategy to fulfill those needs. We will continue to engage you and review product performance. We won’t ask you to “trust” us for a year by asking for a long term contract, but instead earn your business every month. We will only provide you with the most effective products at competitive pricing. We won’t work with you direct competition.

What we can do

Geo-Fencing, Directory Syndication, SEO, Website Development, Pay-Per-Click, Social Media Management, Facebook Advertising, Reputation Management, Chat, Site Retargeting, Social Retargeting, Search, Retargeting, Display Advertising, Direct Mail, Email Marketing, Design Work, Website Audits, PPC Audits, In House Training


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Centennial CO, 80015