Why Search Retargeting?

Search re-targeting brings the power and relevancy of search to a display campaign. It acquires a relevant audience based off past search history and user intent on search engines. Similar to paid search, advertisers are able to reach the desired audience on a
keyword basis through a real-time bidding platform. Our technology then serves a display ad to users who have searched relevant keywords within the last 30 days. Advertisers can essentially reach pre-qualified inventory beyond traditional engines more often, more effectively.

Ads targeted to consumers who have been actively searchingfor products and services, improving efficiency of targeting

Consumers typically are farther along in the Purchase Process when exposed to retargeting ads.

Graphic display ads are delivered in less competitive ad environment than SERP

Site retargeting allows you invite visitors back to your site who may have left without acting

Ads appear on popular, premium sites along Big Brands, elevating your profile

Increases “frequency” of your exposure to potential client increasing likelyhood they will

search-retargetingBest Categories for Search Retargeting

1. Business
2. Health and Fitness
3. Automotive
4. Home and Garden
5. Education
6. Real Estate
7. Shopping
8. Technology
9. Personal Finance
10. Travel